Volunteering, Performing and Workshop Leading

So you want to get involved? Woo hoo!

Firstly thank you for clicking on this page to find out more about how YOU can help to make this EJC be the very best! We really need as many people as possible to give a little bit of their time whilst at the EJC so that a small bunch of people are not running around in the background over worked and over stressed!


A few ways you can volunteer are; sitting behind a desk and talking to all these amazing people coming through the door. Juggling at a mark point to make sure everyone who comes through has a wrist band on. Dancing your way into the toilets to make sure they are stocked with toilet paper. Decorate the campsite with weird and wonderful decorations that you have helped to make.

You get the picture! We want you to have fun whilst also helping out the festival too! WINNING!

If you want to get involved with volunteering then send us an email! You will then be put on the list for SUPER-AMAZING-COOL people and will be contacted closer to the event.

[email protected]


If you want to bring your show or act to the EJC then please get in contact with us using the form below! We love to support all performers be those up-and-coming-straight-outta-circus-school types or those I-wish-I-was-Francis-Brunn types or those I-like-to-set-things-on-fire-but-trust-me-I-am-a-doctor types!

We love you all equally!

[email protected]

Open Stages

In addition to the big produced shows there will also be plenty of opportunities for those of you who are just starting out. There will be Open Stages, Open Mic Nights, Cabaret Evenings and Renegades , where you will have the chance to try your act out in front of a friendly and receptive audience. To give everyone a fair chance of participation these will be produced once we are on site so no need to contact us ahead of time.


Keep your eyes peeled for information about the competitions that will be coming to the EJC. If you are looking to pitch yourself against the best of the best, this is your chance! Look out for information on Fight Night, Whip Cracking Championships, Extreme Unicycling, International Regional Competition and our very own European Young Circus Performer of the Year!


'I believe that teachers are our future, clear a space and let them lead the way!'

Seriously though we really really really want to get as many of you sharing your skills as possible! Because really, that’s what it is all about. Think back to the first time you went to a one day juggling convention or watched your first youtube juggling tutorial and you thought wow how is that lady spinning plates whilst riding on a unicycle and balance bowls on her head? Golly I wish I could meet her and learn her secrets in person!

Well now you are that super skilled person and you can pass on that wisdom! Go on! Run a workshop! What have you got to lose? Nothing! Only gain a few new admirers and possibly some friends! Holy cow!

[email protected]